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Competitive (Formerly D1) Information

Mission Statement: JFC Competitive teams play under the national organization Rush Soccer in the Mississippi Rush Jackson Division. The goal of the competitive soccer program is to enhance the growth and participation of youth soccer by promoting and fostering healthy competition and development in an environment that is enjoyable and sporting for all participants regardless of individual ability as well as creating a more challenging environment for those players who strive to reach their fullest potential. JFC competitive teams compete at various levels in local, state wide, regional and national tournaments. 

The focus at the younger ages is the development of individual player development and general team tactics while older ages focus on higher levels of competition. Our goal is to develop fine young men and women that excel both on and off the soccer field. Division I Soccer is for the player whose goals range from playing in a competitive environment, receiving quality instruction or advancing to the collegiate level and beyond.

For more information about our Competitive program you may contact our Director of Coaching, Kevin Johns at

2018-2019 MS Rush Coaches and Managers (Will be available July 2018)

TeamCoachCoach EmailCoach PhoneManagerManager EmailManager Phone
MS Rush 08B JacksonThomas Welchzicowelch@yahoo.com601-951-5110Heather Welchheatherleianne@gmail.com601-874-2519
MS Rush 08G JacksonCillian Thompsoncillian_92@hotmail.com601-750-7127Danielle Irelanddanielledireland@gmail.com601-954-4769
MS Rush 08B MadisonPhillip Buffingtonjfc20@aol.com601-927-2177Joel Hilljhillsoccer@yahoo.com601-668-9148
MS Rush 08G MadisonAllen Andersonalsoccer13@aol.com615-243-0613Janice; jsteve4@entergy.com662-801-6458
MS Rush 07B Jackson PremierPerry Goldsburypgoldsbury@mc.edu601-212-2994Alex and Mary;marylargentpurvis@gmail.com601-506-0685 601-672-4257
MS Rush 07B Madison PremierMikey Colvinlil_mc25@hotmail.com903-747-5155William Wardwilliam@ptainc.net601-214-8712
MS Rush 07B EliteBritton Webbbwebb58@gmail.com601-953-9233Ryan Beckettryan.beckett@butlersnow.com601-573-7798
MS Rush 07G Jackson PremierKevin Johnskjohns@mc.edu601-209-4567Rebecca Ueltscheyrebeccaueltschey@gmail.com601-278-9681
MS Rush 07G Madison PremierSteve Ottosotto@mississippirush.com769-798-7898Neil Davidsondavi2126@bellsouth.net601-540-7796
MS Rush 07G Madison EliteBill Felderbfelder@hrkcpa.com601-260-1897Allison Hoptonahopton@gmail.com601-953-8628
MS Rush 06B Jackson Premier Carl Griffithscgriffiths@belhaven.edu601-941-7460Boty McDonaldboty@netdoor.com601-497-4134
MS Rush 06B Jackson ElitePerry Goldsburypgoldsbury@mc.edu601-212-2994Amanda Barbouramanda.barbour@butlersnow.com601-842-8829
MS Rush 06B Madison PremierChris Reedcbrydenr@hotmail.com601-480-1891John Raffaellejraffael@bellsouth.net601-750-9411
MS Rush 06B Madison EliteFenton Grahamfgsoccer@att.net601-668-1173Cameron Murphylandynbrendon@yahoo.com601-540-7956
MS Rush 06G Jackson PremierJustin Mathenyjustin.matheny19@gmail.com601-951-0419Danielle Irelanddanielledireland@gmail.com601-954-4769
MS Rush 06G Madison PremierSteve Ottosotto@mississippirush.com769-798-7898Jenny Wilsonjswilson1965@gmail.com601-278-6210
MS Rush 06G Madison EliteJeff Cannonwjcannonjr@gmail.com601-672-2234Steven Landsbland73@comcast.net601-613-4877
MS Rush 05B PremierJohn Kehoe/Simon; sbarinas.90@gmail.com601-213-6514 903-422-6590Andy Segrest and Chad Van; chadvanmeter@gmail.com601-668-9575 601-665-0411
MS Rush 05B EliteCarl Sheardsheard@mc.edu601-573-7447Nancy Dinkins and Connie; conniepooh4@gmail.com601-906-0521 601-906-7272
MS Rush 05G PremierCecil Hindssocaboyz1@aol.com601-720-4014Jennifer Dalelmdmillie@gmail.com601-941-6607
MS Rush 05G EliteGarreth DeKlerkdeklerk_g@hotmail.com601-497-4200Neil Davidsondavi2126@bellsouth.net601-540-7796
MS Rush 04B PremierJohn Kehoe/Simon; sbarinas.90@gmail.com601-213-6514 903-422-6590Jason Dunn and Jonathan; jrwerne@gmail.com601-506-3236
MS Rush 04B EliteFenton Grahamfgsoccer@att.net601-668-1173Heather Welchheatherleianne@gmail.com601-874-2519
MS Rush 04B SelectBrandon; brandon.mitchell@hindscc.edu601-919-6020John Scarbroughjtscar@me.com601-946-8756
MS Rush 04G PremierDavid Johnsondavidjohnson112@comcast.net601-942-6332Jay; jwheatley@comcast.net601-668-6955
MS Rush 04/05G EliteTrey Bankstrey.banks@yahoo.com601-529-1697Melanie Huddlestonhuddlestonsoccer@gmail.com601-832-0841
MS Rush 03B Premier Cecil Hindssocaboyz1@aol.com601-720-4014Chuck Trisdalechuck@trisdale.net601-278-4229
MS Rush 03B EliteMike McGeownmikethechef79@gmail.com662-315-6033Alan Cookcookconstco@bellsouth.net601-214-2610
MS Rush 03G PremierIan Macdonaldimacdonald7710@gmail.com601-717-2694Blake Murphyjblakemurphy@yahoo.com601-421-4896
MS Rush 02B PremierCarl Sheard/Mikey; lil_mc@hotmail.com601-573-7447; 903-747-5155Ryan; rsmith@westell.com601-919-5393
MS Rush 01B PremierJohn Kehoe/Carl; cgriffiths@belhaven.edu601-213-6514; 601-941-7460Sonny Farrior/David; drose50000@yahoo.com601-842-8615; 601-906-1475
MS Rush 01B EliteCraig McCabecraigmccabe@students.belhaven.edu601-502-5319Elisha Fry/Jeff; jeff.frydaddy@gmail.com601-540-7333;601-209-3345
MS Rush 01/02G PremierKenny White/David; davidjohnson112@comcast.net601-624-3766; 601-942-6332Tammy Zummallenmomof2grits@aol.com601-940-5595
MS Rush 01/02G EliteCillian Thompsoncillian_92@hotmail.com601-750-7127Laura Millerbwm1027@yahoo.com601-259-1570
MS Rush99/ 00B PremierMike McGeownmikethechef79@gmail.com662-315-6033Holly Hardyholly1330@gmail.com601-953-7800
MS Rush 99/00B EliteCraig McCabecraigmccabe@students.belhaven.edu601-502-5319Phil Buffingtonphil.buffington@arlaw.com601-940-2811
MS Rush 99/00G PremierMatt Coxmattcox@mississippirush.com601-421-5636Robert Hedermanrobert@millbrookcrickets.com601-954-8295
MS Rush 99/00G EliteMac McCoolmac@mccoollawms.com601-672-3826Donna Alhrichdahlrich@holmescc.edu601-278-3257

Mississippi Rush Competitive Teams 10U-19U

2018-2019 Mississippi Rush Tryout Information 

Tryouts are now concluded for the 2018-2019 MS Rush Competitive teams. Parents whose child has been offered a spot on a MS Rush team for the 2018-2019 season, will need to mail in the appropriate team commitment forms found below. 

2018-2019 Coaching Slate

Team Lists:
2018-2019 MS Rush Teams

For further questions about MS Rush competitive programs, please email and a member of our staff will get in touch with you ASAP. 

***Mississippi Rush Intent to Play, Volunteer and Payment Policy forms***

Mississippi Rush Jackson Team Commitment forms for 2007-2009 boys and girls

Mississippi Rush Madison Team Commitment forms for 2007-2009 boys and girls

Mississippi Rush Rankin Team Commitment forms for 2007-2009 boys and girls

Mississippi Rush Older U13-U19 Team Commitment forms for 2000-2006 boys and girls

Follow us on Social media for all the latest updates:

Facebook: Mississippi Rush Soccer Club and Jackson Futbol Club and Rush Rankin Futbol Club
Twitter: MSRushSoccer and JFCSoccer1
Instagram: MississippiRush and JFC_soccer1

Need based scholarships are available to help offset participation fee costs. Scholarship applications with appropriate paperwork are due by July 20 of each seasonal year.

MS Rush Jackson Scholarship Application (If you are a Jackson based team fill this form out)

MS Rush Madison/Rankin/Older Scholarship Application (if you are a Madison/Rankin or Older team, fill this form out)

The below forms will be turned in at your team meeting to the team manager along with a copy of the player's birth certificate:

US Club Medical Release Form (will be turned in to team manager at first team meeting with a copy of the player's birth certificate)

MS Rush Code of Conduct for Players and Parents (will be turned in to team manager at first team meeting)

Private Lessons

Are you interested in additional training for your child? Or does your D3 team (rec) need a trainer?

JFC trainers offer private lessons and have the ability and opportunity to make a real difference when it comes to developing player’s soccer ability, health and fitness.

Contact us at for a list of qualified coaches willing to help out.

Goalkeeper Training

(U11 and U12 Boys & Girls Jackson teams)

Dates: Monday Sept 14th & 21st & 28th & Oct 5th & 12th & 19th & 26th

Times: 7-8pm field 8A with JFC Keeper Coach, Garreth DeKlerk.

Keepers will be divided by age and ability.  Players should show up 10 minutes before start time. This session is Free to all JFC u11/u12 goalkeepers.  Goalkeepers must bring keeper gloves to participate.

Field Request Procedures

Attention Team Managers: To Request a Field and/or Referees

Updated August 2017

The following fields are available for D-1 friendlies in the 2017-2018 season. BE SURE TO FOLLOW the Field Request Form and Procedures (see link below) when making a request for a field and/or referees. 
Requests that do not follow these procedures cannot be processed. Field Requests need to be emailed to using the appropriate form. Please also copy if referees are needed. No game requests will be honored on Thursdays due to the field availability with the current practice schedules. Monday and Tuesday game requests will be first come first serve basis All Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon requests will be honored unless something is going on at the complex.  You must find an alternate venue if you would like to play a game on Thursday.  There is a $6 assigning fee per game if it is requested 5 days or more in advance. If requested within the 5 days of a game being needed, there is a $20 fee. 

Mondays: Game Times 6:00 or 7:15/7:30 - First come basis

Tuesdays: Game times 6:00 or 7:15/7:30 - first come basis

Wednesdays : Field 4A, 4B, 5A, 5B, 5, 6, 7 Game times 6:00 and 7:15/7:30 pm. (This is a great night to request games)

Thursdays: NO GAMES - As D3 winds down late fall and late spring, we may OCCASIONALLY be able to honor Thursdays

No games, special requests may be honored from time to time based on field availability

Saturdays: D3 has priority in the morning, but every effort will be made to honor D1 requests for morning. Afternoon games can be played at any time.Start time for afternoon will be 1:00, 2:30, 4:00, etc, unless the time needs to be adjusted to be in line with the D3 schedule. Some morning games can be honored. 

Sundays: Start time 1 pm. Other times on a best efforts basis. No AM games except league games and round robins. 

Field Request Form and Procedures Click Here