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Competitive (Formerly D1) Information

Mission Statement: JFC Competitive teams play under the national organization Rush Soccer in the Mississippi Rush Jackson Division. We form teams in U10-U12 boys and girls. The number of teams is based on the number of people who tryout each summer and on who the coaches feel are competitive enough to be a part of the program. 

The goal of the competitive soccer program is to enhance the growth and participation of youth soccer by promoting and fostering healthy competition and development in an environment that is enjoyable and sporting for all participants regardless of individual ability as well as creating a more challenging environment for those players who strive to reach their fullest potential. JFC competitive teams compete at various levels in local, state wide, regional and national tournaments. 

The focus at the younger ages is the development of individual player development and general team tactics while older ages focus on higher levels of competition. Our goal is to develop fine young men and women that excel both on and off the soccer field. Competitive Soccer is for the player whose goals range from playing in a competitive environment, receiving quality instruction or advancing to the collegiate level and beyond.

For more information about our Competitive program you may contact our Director of Coaching, Kevin Johns at 
[email protected].

Mississippi Rush Competitive Teams 10U-19U

2024 Tryout Dates
Register online by clicking the login/register button on the top right corner

2024-2025 Mississippi Rush Staff Coaches
**Coaches are always subject to change at the Director of Coaching's discretion

We look forward to having you as part of the MS Rush family!

2024-2025 MS Rush Girls Teams (Final as of 5/24/2024)
2024-2025 MS Rush Boys Teams (Final as of 5/23/2024)
Players offered a spot should mail in the appropriate team commitment forms found below within 72 hours of being offered a spot. 

**If you missed tryouts and would like to have your child evaluated for possible team placement this season, please email us at [email protected]*

For further questions about MS Rush competitive programs, please email [email protected] and a member of our staff will get in touch with you ASAP. Or you can access the Frequently Asked Questions Document below.


For more information about MS Rush United for 2005-2009 age groups in boys and girls, please visit the MS Rush United website at 

***Mississippi Rush Intent to Play, Volunteer and Payment Policy forms (for 2010-2015 players) ONLY the 3 forms below will be mailed into the club. All other forms will be collected by the team manager. Forms updated May 16, 2024

Mississippi Rush Jackson Team Commitment forms for 2013-2016 boys and girls - Download HERE   - (fill this form out and mail in if your player has made a Jackson based team that has Jackson in it's name OR a Super Elite team or any 2012 GIRLS Non-ECRL/ECNL teams)

Mississippi Rush Madison Team Commitment forms for 2013-2016 boys and girls - Download HERE (fill this form out and mail in if your player has made a Madison based team that has Madison in it's name OR a 2011 Boys or Girls Non-ECRL/ECNL team or 2012 Boys team Non- ECRL/ECNL )

Mississippi Rush Older 2011-2012 Team Commitment forms for 2011 boys and girls non ECRL/.ECNL teams as 2012 Boys non ECRL/ECNL teams  2012 Girls should mail the Jackson form  - Download HERE (fill this form out if your player has made ANY 2011 boys or girls team non-ECRL/ECNL Team  or 2012 boys team - Non- ECRL/ECNL team )

**Mississippi Rush United Player Registration - to be filled out after accepting a spot on a team**
Please follow this LINK   to go to the MS Rush United player registration system and enter your Playmetrics Sign in information for age groups 2005-2009 AND 2010, 2011 Boys ECRL teams**

Follow us on Social media for all the latest updates:

Facebook: Mississippi Rush Soccer Club and Jackson Futbol Club and Mississippi Rush United
Twitter: MSRushSoccer and JFCSoccer1 and Mississippi Rush United
Instagram: MississippiRush and JFC_soccer1 and Mississippi Rush United

Need based scholarships are available to help offset participation fee costs. Scholarship applications with appropriate paperwork are due by July 20 of each seasonal year. Scholarship determinations are not made until the first week of August after all forms are received. The Committee meets together and decides scholarship amounts.

MS Rush Jackson Scholarship Application(If you are a Jackson based,a Super Elite team or a 2012 girls team fill this form out)

MS Rush Madison or U13-U14 player Scholarship Application 
(if you are a Madison or 2011 boys or girls or 2012 boys team fill this form out)

MS Rush United Scholarship Information
- Due June 15th yearly for U15-U19 teams

The below forms will be turned in at your team meeting to the team manager along with a copy of the player's birth certificate. Do not mail these in to the club

US Club Medical Release Form (will be turned in to team manager at first team meeting with a copy of the player's birth certificate)

MS Rush Code of Conduct for players and parents - will be turned into manager at first team meeting

Field Request Procedures

Attention Team Managers: Procedures for requesting a Field and/or Referees

Updated August 2022

FIELD REQUEST FORM - NO requests will be honored if this form is not used . This request form is for competitive teams ONLY and goes straight to the field assignor as well as the referee assignor upon completion. Recreational teams should coordinate with your age group coordinator. 

The following fields are available for competitive friendlies in the 2022-2023 season. BE SURE TO FOLLOW the Field Request Form and Procedures (see link above) when making a request for a field and/or referees. 
Requests that do not follow these procedures cannot be processed. Field Requests need to be submitted using the appropriate form.The form will be sent to both the field assignor and the referee assignor. 

No 6:00pm game requests will be honored on Mondays OR Tuesdays due to the field availability with the current practice schedules and the heavy presence of recreational games on those nights. 7:30 game times will be on a first come basis on Monday and Tuesda> Wednesday and Thursday game requests will be first come first serve basis for both 6:00 and 7:30 time slots.  All Saturday and Sunday afternoon requests will be honored unless something is going on at the complex.  You must find an alternate venue if you would like to play a game on Monday or Tuesday at 6:00, or there is already a game on the calendar for 7:30pm.  

NEW FOR 2021-2022 Season:
Game requests should be at least 7 days in advance according to JFC field policy (this same policy will be in effect for Freedom Ridge). All game requests must be received at least 7 days in advance in order to be assessed the normal $10 assigning fee. All game requests made within a 7 day period will be assessed a $20 assignor fee rather than the normal $10 assignor fee if the request for a game can be honored.  If the request is within 3-5 days, the assigning fee is $30. If the request is within 24-48 hours, the assigning fee is $40 if the request can be honored. If within 24-48 hours, there is ALSO an additional $20 per referee due as well. 

Mondays: Game Times 7:30 - First come basis No 6:00 Games due to heavy training schedule and Recreational games

Tuesdays: Game times  7:30 - first come basis No 6:00 Games due to heavy training schedule and Recreational games

Wednesdays :Game times  -6:00 or 7:30 game times - first come basis. 
Thursdays: Game times 6:00 or 7:30 - first come basis

FridaysNo games, special requests may be honored from time to time based on field availability

Saturdays: D3 has priority in the morning, but every effort will be made to honor D1 requests for morning. Afternoon games can be played at any time.Start time for afternoon will be 1:00, 2:30, 4:00, etc, unless the time needs to be adjusted to be in line with the D3 schedule. Some morning games can be honored. 

Sundays: Start time 1 pm. Other times on a best efforts basis. No AM games except league games and round robins. 

Contact Us

Jackson Futbol Club

P.O. Box 12783 
Jackson, Mississippi 39236

Phone: 601-800-2009
Email: [email protected]

Jackson Futbol Club

P.O. Box 12783 
Jackson, Mississippi 39236

Phone: 601-800-2009
Email: [email protected]
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