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Practice Partners

Practice Partners is a new program at JFC. This is based off the idea of pool practices. Pool practices are when multiple teams of a similar age and ability level combine to conduct 1 practice. Pool practices are frequently conducted at the D1, D2 and D3 level not only at JFC but at many top European clubs. There are many advantages to pool practices as explained below.

Once all JFC rec teams are registered and finalized, teams will be given a practice time, day and field number. 2 teams of the same age and gender will share a field (half each). Coaches of the 2 teams will be given each other’s contact information.

Advantages to this are:

  •  Towards the end of a practice the 2 teams may want to finish with a scrimmage against each other.

  • Not all players can make practice all the time. Instead of canceling a practice due to a lack of numbers the 2 teams could combine to still have a meaningful practice.

  •  One of the coaches may not be able to make practice one week. Instead of canceling the coach of the other team could run a pool practice for both teams. 1 coach conducts a practice for 8-14 players instead of 6-8 at the same time.

  •  When practices are combined players have the opportunity to learn from multiple coaches.

  • All coaches have strengths and areas in which we can improve. We can all learn from others and get better.

  •  Maybe one team is having trouble finding a coach who can train and coach games. Through the Practice Partners program there might be a coach who would welcome another team to attend his or her practice on a weekly basis throughout the season.

1. The coach knows he will always have good numbers at practice and so makes planning a session easy and allows for more session preparation.

2. By combining teams for practice the coach now has been able to create more competition at practice by having more players of all ability levels.

3. Larger numbers at practice allow a coach to get creative with his/her sessions.

4. Larger numbers at practice always allows the coach the ability to finish practice with a scrimmage.

More players at practice allow kids more opportunities to learn from their peers. Soccer is more a “player centered” sport versus “coach centered”.

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